do you guys ever do that thing where you adjust the tabs because they don’t look like they’re in the right order

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when she ready for round two but you look down and ur meat like


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are you gay? - Anonymous


in this economy?!

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fact: i will never stop complaining

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the thing about non-korean countries

is they are seoul-less

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I want to sleep with you. Not have sex, just sleep. With you. I want to breathe on your neck and lock our legs together. I want…actually wait no I do want sex.

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i stare at boys so much how do they not notice

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Max Švabinský (Czech, 1873-1962), Young man with a sword, 1896. oil on canvas laid on cardboard, 73 x 58 cm.

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"In L’Enfant, we have a main character, Bruno, a man who cannot be a father, who is never able to be a father, and it feels like at the end of the movie he at last became a father. Well, I’m not sure things will be OK afterwards. But it seems like when they’re in the prison, where people can speak with their families, I think he says, “how’s Jimmy, how is he doing?” Well, he never said the name of the kid before. It means that he has changed. Because of the kid that he has saved from the water, Steve, he became someone else. It takes time. So we felt that it was the right moment to end the movie. Our movies are like portraits.”

— Luc Dardenne on the ending of L’Enfant

Still from L’Enfant (2005, dir. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne)